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Donna Speeks Armstrong

I Love helping people become the best version of themselves Read More......

Emotional Wellness Coaching

About Me

Do you struggle to stay motivated  to get the things done that you know you need to do?  D you have emotional set backs and weight issues?  The wellness track may be for your.  

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Profesional Coaching Services

Professional Personal Coaching and visioneering for Entreprenuers, Personal Coaches, Life Fullfillment  and Work Enjoyment....Offering Seminars, Webinars, Workshops, and Corporate Training

MY SALifeCoach Personal Dream for Clients.

You won't get a lot of fluff from me...I am about helping you get the results you desire. 

It is my dream and chief aim to help the people whom I come in contact with,

"Create a Life They Love."  

This, in hopes of helping you find fulfillment in life, understand your life and self better, find your niche in the market place, create meaningful relationships, and to co-create the lifestyle you desire; financially, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


I also work with groups and companies; Helping them create synergistic teams and profitable workplaces.  

Using temperment analysis, and teaming strategies with tools similar to Disk and Strength Finders assessments.

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