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  • Positive Thinking Tips: 3 GREAT and SIMPLE Ways To Stimulate Positive Thinking

    Even with today’s not-so-perfect world, you can still have a wonderful day - everyday. There are easy ways to encourage positive thinking for almost any situation 

    Positive thinking is a very important element in your life. It helps you create a more productive atmosphere at work, in school or at home; and it helps you develop a better attitude towards life in general. 

    People who often dwell on negative matters are usually those who wake up each morning feeling as heavy as lead. They see life as an everyday affair of problems; and as a result, they are more stressed than any normal person should be. They have a perpetual frown on their face and have forgotten how to smile properly.

    However, even with today’s not-so-perfect world, you can still have a wonderful day - everyday. There are easy ways to encourage positive thinking for almost any situation.

    1. Whistle a happy tune.

    Whistling a happy tune may have come from a children’s song, but it does its share of work in dispelling negativity away. Let me cite a story to expound on its powerful effect. 

    Ray was the kind of person who generally did well on reports and presentations. His professors all had a good impression of him. Still, when it came time for the mock defense for his thesis, he was as nervous as a prey cornered by a predator. His stomach was doing cartwheels, and he just couldn’t do enough breathing exercises to calm himself down. Then, he remembered a song he used to sing as a kid…

    “Top of the World” by The Carpenters. 

    Ray started humming the tune softly to himself. In just a few seconds, he felt his nausea dissolve. He found his confidence and resolve returning. 

    You can do the same thing when you’re sad, angry or anxious. Find a happy tune to hum, and this will quickly reinforce positive emotions and positive thinking. 


    2. Contribute to charity.

    Has a beggar ever approached you for alms? Do you pass by homeless people on your way to work? One of the easiest ways to encourage positive thinking is by helping out those in need. Helping others gives you a nice, warm feeling in your heart that will stay with you for the rest of the day. 

    I have seen a few people actually buy food and give them to beggars on the street. These beggars must feel a bit of happiness upon receiving the food from strangers. If you look into their eyes, there is gratitude in them. But if you look into the givers’ eyes, there is also something twinkling in there as well; for on that day, they have made a difference in somebody else’s life. 

    A lot of people feel bad because they see themselves as useless. They don’t think that they can make a difference in their workplace or even at home. Sometimes though, it only takes the right opportunity to open their eyes to what they can do. 

    Those who have experienced helping others out feel better about themselves, and can thus perform better at work. They develop a more positive outlook about life and about their own capabilities in general. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? 

    You can contribute in your own way, no matter what situation you’re in. Let’s say you’re working in an office. If you’re on your way to make coffee and your co-worker is still neck deep into his work, you can offer to bring them a cup as well.  


    3. Put it on paper.

    One of the ways to encourage positive thinking is by literally putting the words on paper. You can easily write positive affirmations down on a piece of paper, and then post it somewhere that can be easily seen everyday. These affirmations usually begin with “I HAVE” or “I AM.” Use the present tense to make the affirmation more real.


    An example of a positive written message goes like this: “I am a healthy and happy person.” For starters, you can create one that says: “Today is a wonderful day.”


     A lot of people respond really well to visual messages. To see is to believe, remember? By seeing “Today is a wonderful day” on your bedroom wall, you are almost programming yourself to have a pleasant day.

    It’s the complete opposite of those who wake up each day feeling as heavy as lead. By staying with a negative thought from bed to breakfast, they’re actually setting themselves up for a lousy day at work.

    Now that you know what staying grumpy can do to you, it’s time to take charge and reverse your situation. Positive thinking is not rocket science. You can be a teenager or a senior citizen and still apply positive thinking in your life. Keep in mind that the simplest actions can uplift your mood. Once you’re used to being a positive thinker, everything else will become a breeze.









    3 Affiliate Marketing Tips To Build EBIZ Success

    Many online marketers are wondering if there is any formula or recipe to achieve success in affiliate marketing. What techniques and methods can be adopted to become a high-earning affiliate marketer? 

    Here are some proven tips to help you:

    Affiliate Marketing Tip # 1: Learn From Your Mistakes.

     As many challenges may arise, you need to know how to be relaxed and calm. Don't get too stressed out when things don't go your way. It's only natural to make mistakes in the beginning. The important thing is to learn from your mistakes. Keep on testing. You might not be earning much in the beginning, but all of those tests will ultimately help you eliminate the things you should not be doing, and realize the things that are actually working.

     Affiliate Marketing Tip # 2: Stay Focused.

     People think that once they become affiliate marketers, they can simply idle time away – working any time they want to. You may have heard famous affiliate marketers earning millions, almost without doing any work. That may be true in their case; but unless you're in their shoes right now, you can't afford to dilly-dally.

     When you've not yet reached your income goal (especially in the initial stages), it is important to stay focused. Do not procrastinate. Affiliated marketing needs dedication, at least until you've established a system that will allow you to work less while still earning on a continuous basis.

    It's fine to take an extended holiday to recharge your energy every now and then (in fact, I highly recommend it); but do remember that when it's time to work, your mind should be focused on the job and not daydreaming about your next vacation.


     Affiliate Marketing Tip # 3: Analyze And Brainstorm Solutions.

     If you think that you are not getting the desired results, then instead of quitting and giving up, you must check the reasons why you are not performing to your expectations. Some people are clueless on where to start in analyzing what needs to be done.

     To give you some ideas, ask yourself these questions and list down the possible solutions:

     -What is going wrong with my affiliate marketing business?

     - Where is the problem coming from, and how do I resolve it?

     - Why are there fewer sales in my account, and what should I do to increase it?

     - Are the results and outcomes being tracked? If not, how do I start tracking?

     - What marketing and promotional activities can I stop or start doing to increase sales?

     - Is my traffic targeted? If not, how can I generate targeted traffic?

     - How can I improve conversion rates of my promotional messages?

     - How can I change my offer to get more leads and customers?

     - What updates can I put on my website to increase my bottom line?

     - Is the customer service doing its job in satisfying clients? If not, what can I do about it?

     - Does the website convey quality and trust?

     - Are there privacy policies and disclaimers available on the website?

     - Do the website and product statistics produce correct and accurate results?

     - How do I motivate employees to perform better?

     This is just a simple checklist; you may add more depending on your requirements. List down all the answers and possible solutions to the above questions, and take immediate action to apply them. When you begin to take action, your momentum will start building; and before you know it, money will roll faster than you can ever expect.

     All affiliate marketers must think positively, confidently and optimistically. You must be motivated to find solutions and act immediately. If you stick to this easy and classic formula then there is no point of quitting, and success will be much easier to attain.