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March 2, 2019

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“Are You Limiting Your Potential For Happiness & Success By Playing Small And Playing It Safe?”
How To Start Reaping The Rewards You So Richly Deserve By Simply Stepping Forward & GOING FOR IT…It’s Easier & Safer Than You Think.
Dear Friend,
Have you ever held back from an exciting opportunity because it was “too risky?”
Chances are, you probably have. Many people spend their lives “hedging their bets,” and as a result, they live safe, boring, mediocre lives…far below their potential for excellence.
Unfortunately, these same people look back from time to time and wonder why their lives aren’t more exciting, why they feel so unfulfilled, and regret those pivotal choices they didn’t make.
Does this sound like you?
The worst part is, all those un-made choices look FAR LESS SCARY in hindsight than they did when they were first encountered…leaving you wishing that you could’ve taken the chance when you had it.
Perhaps worse than that…living your life in fear negatively affects EVERYONE AROUND YOU. When you don’t stand up for the things you want and believe in, not only do you feel empty and unfulfilled, but you also teach everyone who comes after you that it’s okay to play small.
But still…that FEAR grips you when new scenarios present themselves, and the natural response is to just avoid the discomfort that comes from stepping into the unknown…right?
After all, you’re doing perfectly okay with your life the way it is. Your life is “just fine”…
But is it? Is it really enough for you to live a complacent, mediocre life?
I didn’t think so.
After all, you DESERVE the happiness, success & recognition that comes from living life on your terms. You didn’t come into this life to simply drift. You came into this life to LIVE, and LIVING requires a little risk from time to time.
After all, life is ALL ABOUT making choices and taking chances. And without risk, you never reap rewards, right?
Here's to your success
Life CoachDSA